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  • The Van Zant Brothers Give the Fraze Season a Touch of Southern Comfort

    Down south it’s all Van Zant. If talent is genetic, then these brothers are the archetype. Each has earned success in the rock music world…

  • A Chicago Story

    The band was formed when a group of DePaul University music students who had been playing local late-night clubs recruited a couple of other students from the university and decided to meet…

  • Timothy Goldrainer of The Menus: An Inside Look

    Timothy J. Goldrainer began singing at a very early age. Some of his finest childhood memories, he recollects, were entertaining family and neighbors at the local swim club, belting out Elvis tunes…

  • Trace Adkins: Cowboy’s Back in Town

    Trace Adkins has long been country music’s alpha male, a man whose commanding presence and once-in-a-generation baritone have made him a pillar of the contemporary Nashville sound.

  • The Lynyrd Skynyrd Story: Still Unbroken

    Beyond the tragedy, the history, the raging guitars and the killer songs, ultimately, Lynyrd Skynyrd is about an indomitable will. About survival of spirit; unbowed, uniquely American, stubbornly resolute.